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Free Outlook Backup

  • Few clicks backup solution for Microsoft Outlook files
  • Free backup for your tasks, notes, calendars, journals, e-mail from Outlook
  • Easily move your Outlook profile between supported Outlook versions
  • 24 / 7 support helpline to backup your .pst files
  • Create up to four restore points to restore Outlook from backup

Tradition of sending mails on paper has shifted to sending e-mails. These e-mails are considered as evidence of the bonds between two parties. Collection of these e-mails and its management can be done using Outlook. Outlook provides not only managing your e-mails but also we have the features like tasks, calendars, journals, notes, etc. As these all documents are very important officially, thus these all files need to have backups.

To create backup of all Outlook files is difficult if we do it manually because the Outlook stores these files in separate folders. So it becomes necessary to have software that can create the backup of Outlook files routinely.How to backup outlook free? The most efficient tool in creating backup for Outlook files is Free Outlook Backup utility tool. This cost free utility program also enables its users to create customized backups of their Outlook. It provides the user to create multiple outlook profiles that can be secured by providing passwords. So, it’s secure to make backup profiles using this free Outlook Backup tool. Visit http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/microsoft-software.html to take a look at some unique features of this tool.

Why one has to backup Outlook?

One stores and manages vital work and personal data using Outlook. Outlook saves all these files in personal storage folder as .pst files. A common failure to access it becomes catastrophic for user if he has not created any backup of it. A user thus needs to create up to date backups for your Outlook emails, contacts etc. The following are the general scenarios which can be the reasons to look for a backup:

  • Outlook crash: This is the most general scenario why you should create a backup for Outlook. An Outlook crash means you lose out all your e-mails, tasks, notes, calendars, etc stored in Outlook. One of the reasons for this catastrophe can be due to sudden system shut down while Outlook is running.
  • Manual backup for PST files: Since PST file size is limited, the PST file gets deleted whenever its size exceeds the limit. So you manually keep a copy of these vital files in the interest of avoiding data loss but manual backup cannot backup settings and the other items. So one needs to have this software to create complete backup for Outlook. To get more info about making backup for PST files in Outlook 2007, visit http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2007-pst.html
  • Virus attack:  A virus attack is the general cause of loss of data; data gets inaccessible due to it. The most dangerous virus attacks on Outlook are by .ILOVEYOU, .BleBla, .Melissa, etc. These viruses come generally through attachments, which when executes makes Outlook files inaccessible. So to avoid this data loss, one should have a backup for his Outlook files.

Benefits of using this software to create Outlook backups:

How to backup Outlook free? Using this free Outlook Backup tool to backup Outlook provides user the assurance that his Outlook files will not be lost anymore. Free Outlook Backup provides the following features to a user:

  • Multiple Profiles: You can create multiple backup profiles with no limit to backup microsoft outlook free
  • Compress and split option: Sometimes the backup file may be larger in size so there can be problem in saving it at one location. This tool provides you the facility to compress and split these bigger files so that you can store them properly at different locations.
  • Supported Outlook versions: This tool supports all versions of Outlook like Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013. Visit here to know about how to make free Outlook backup for Outlook 2010 files in Windows 7.
  • Supported Windows: It supports backup Microsoft Outlook free on all Windows operating system viz. Windows XP, Windows Vistas, Windows 7 & Windows 8.

Expert suggestions to avoid Outlook files loss:

  • Create multiple backup copies for Outlook files to avoid worry from loss of these files.
  • Use authentic system security tools to avoid your Personal Storage .pst folder getting infected
  • Before opening attachments of e-mails, make sure the mail has been sent from an authentic user i.e. you should check for digital signature of e-mail.

Recent Update:

Backup MS Outlook 2007 Contact List: Are you thinking how to backup Outlook 2007 contact list? Then, just use Free Outlook Backup application, which has the ability to create multiple backup profiles of Outlook 2007 Contact List and even other Outlook attributes in couple of minutes. For more details, log on to http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2007-contact-list.html

How to Backup Outlook Emails on Vista: You can use Outlook Backup utility to backup Outlook emails on Vista & all other versions of Windows Operating system within fraction of seconds. To know more, visit this link: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/emails-on-vista.html

Back Microsoft Outlook 2007 Account Settings: Using Free Outlook Backup application you can easily backup Microsoft Outlook 2007 Account settings and other Outlook attributes like calender, notes, tasks, etc. To know information regarding backup of account seetings, visit this link: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/microsoft-2007-account-settings.html.

Backup Outlook 2010 before Format: Do you want to backup Outlook 2010 data before formatting? Then, try Free Backup Outlook tool which is highly efficient computer application and has the capability to backup entire Outlook data in few minutes. For more details follow this link: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2010-before-format.html

Microsoft Outlook 2000 Emails Backup: Want to upgrade to higher version of Outlook or migrate Outlook 2000 emails to new computer? Then backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails using Free Outlook Backup software. For more info about how to backup Outlook 2000 emails, visit: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/microsoft-2000-emails.html.

How to Backup Outlook in Windows XP: If you want to backup Outlook data on Windows XP, then just take the assistance of this amazing Outlook backup utility. For more queries on it, visit here: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/windows-xp.html

Backup Outlook 2003 Calendar: Outlook attributes are very important as you get used to the advantages of its usage. Calendar is a very important attribute. It’s very difficult to use Outlook when you lose Calendar. So use Free Outlook Backup tool to backup Calendar on Outlook 2003 and be on safer side. For more information on how to backup Calendar in Outlook 2003, simply click over here: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2003-calendar.html

Backup Outlook Task List: Task list is an important attribute in the Outlook. You will never want to risk losing it. Use Free Outlook Backup tool to get the back up of all the pst file along with the Outlook items. To know more about the backup of task list, use the link : http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/task-list.html

Backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 Notes: Now, this free online backup software has made possible to backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 notes easily within few minutes. To know how to backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 notes using this software, you can log on to: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/microsoft-2010-notes.html

Backup Outlook Settings and Rules Easily: It is now very simple to backup Outlook setting and rules with the help of recent version of Free Outlook Backup software. It redesigned to accomplish this operation on different versions of Outlook effortlessly. To know more, visit: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/settings-and-rules.html.

How to Backup MS Outlook 2000 Contacts: It is very simple to backup contacts on Outlook 2000 using the recent version of Free Outlook Backup application. It will provide you easy interface to backup all contacts on Outlook 2000. For more information, you can visit: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2000-contacts.html.

Backup Outlook 2013 Emails: Do you want to take backup of your important emails of Outlook 2013. If so then need not worry because there is a tool which is known as Free Outlook Backup that can easily help you to take a proper and safe backup with ease, to know more visit here: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2013-emails.html

Backup Email Contacts Outlook 2003: Now, its quite easy for Outlook users to avoid data loss from PST file corruption by creating essential backup copy of emails, contacts, notes, journals, messages and other attributes on Outlook 2003 using Free Outlook Backup software. To know more details, click here http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/email-contacts-2003.html

Removing Unwanted Files from Windows 7: Do you want to delete all the unwanted files from your Windows 7 computer? Use Remo MORE suite it will assist you in deleting unwanted files from Windows 7 PC with great ease and accuracy. To know more, visit here: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/removing-unwanted-files-from-windows-7.html

How to clear Outlook 2007 Cache address: Are you looking for a tool to clean up Outlook 2007 cache address? Here is tool called Remo MORE which can easily assist you on how to c delete Cache address from outlook 2007 in just a couple of seconds. To know more about this, visit here: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/how-to-clear-2007-cache-address.html

Backup Contacts on iPhone 4s: Are you looking for a tool to backup your iPhone 4s contacts? Use Remo MORE application to back up all your iPhone 4s contacts in a very effective manner. Tab on the given link to know more about this: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/iphone-4-s.html

How to Backup Outlook Registry Settings: If you want to backup Outlook registry settings before doing changes to registry key, then go ahead with simple yet effective Remo MORE toolkit. Click over here http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/registry-settings.html to grasp complete information on backing up Microsoft Outlook registry settings with MORE software.

Backup contacts in Outlook 2013: Contacts are the vital information in mail accounts and losing them will be a complete disaster. But if you hold complete backup of Outlook 2013 contacts, then there is no worry when any disasters appear. Want to know how to backup, just follow this link http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/contacts-in-2013.html.

How to Backup Outlook 2007 Email Folders: Now backup all your essential email folders on Outlook 2007 with the aid of free Outlook backup software. It will carry out this task perfectly in just few minutes. Visit http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2007-email-folders.html to know more.

Backup Outlook 2010 Address Book: Want to Backup Address Book in Outlook 2010? Then make use of free Outlook backup tool. Using this tool you can backup address book from your Outlook profile at your fingertips. For additional reading visit this link: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/backup-address-book-in-2010.html

How to Backup Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3: Remo MORE provides you a convenient way to backup your Samsung Galaxy S3 contacts with ease in a matter of seconds. Chec out here is how it works: www.freeoutlookbackup.com/backup-contacts-on-samsung-galaxy-s3.html

How to Clear Outlook Temp Files: It is not so difficult to erase temp files from Outlook temp folder completely. You just need to make use of unique and effective tool such as Remo MORE to get this job done. Simply visit http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/clear-temp-files.html to get more information about this tool.

Backup Outlook Folders: Use free Outlook backup utility to create a backup copy of your important Outlook folders in few mouse clicks. Refer this link: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/folders.html to know how this tool generates your Outlook folders backup in such an easy way.

Burn Outlook PST to DVD: Now you can backup your PST file on DVD very easily with the help of Remo MORE tool. Here on the given page you will find complete glimpse: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/burn-pst-to-dvd.html

Backup Outlook 2010 Emails: Are you looking for a suitable tool to backup your Outlook 2010 emails? Then make use of free Outlook backup tool. It is the finest utility to take a backup of Outlook 2010 emails. Visit this page to regain more information: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2010-emails.html

Microsoft Outlook Backup Software: Don't be worried of losing your Outlook data. Just backup the desired attributes by choosing this tool. Simply visit http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/microsoft-software.html to get more information about this tool.

Steps for creating backup for Outlook

Step-1: Launch the free Outlook backup utility program to create backup Microsoft Outlook free. A main screen pops up with options to "Backup", "Restore" and "Migrate". Select "Backup" option to initiate the process to create free outlook backup.

Free Outook Backup - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: A window with two options appears, "Create new backup profile" and "Use an existing profile". If you want to make a new backup profile, click on "Create new backup profile" option

Free Outook Backup - Select Profile

Figure 2: Select Profile

Step-3: Tick mark the Outlook attributes whose backup you want to create and select the memory drive where you want to perform free outlook backup
Step-4: After completion of backup, you will be intimated for the same. Select "Ok" button to generate summary.

Free Outook Backup - Summary

Figure 3: Summary

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