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How to Take PST Backup of Outlook 2007?

Outlook 2007 gives user the facility to store and manage contacts, e-mails, tasks, notes, journals, account settings, etc. All these files are stored as personal storage folder (.pst files). However due to one or other reason, these .pst files may get lost or corrupted. The solution for this problem is to have an updated backup of the files. Since it is not convenient to manually create backup of Outlook 2007 so a utility tool can be used to make backup of .pst files.

While selecting the utility tool for backup, there are a number of parameters that has to be kept in mind. Like the installation package of tool should be virus free, it should be easy for a user to create the backup by him i.e. it should be a user-interactive tool. You can get all these features by using free Outlook backup that can create the backup of Outlook 2007 in few easy steps. You can easily backup Outlook account settings including other attributes by using this application.Using this backup utility you can even create backup of Outlook folders.

What are the loss scenarios user may face if does not have backup?

If you don’t create the backup of your .pst files, loss of these files may become catastrophic for you. Following are the loss scenarios for .pst files of Outlook 2007-

  • Accidental formatting of drive – Instead of formatting the desired drive to empty storage space, you might accidentally format the drive on which .pst files are stored.
  • Network sharing of .pst filesWhen .pst files are shared over the network, files become more prone to get corrupted or deleted. Files might get accidentally deleted or modified by anyone who can access it. So, always save the PST files on a local device to avoid this.
  • Error while compressing – Sometimes .pst files may get lost if some error occurs during the compression of them to make smaller files.

Benefits of using this tool:

  • Option to backup archives using password protection that provides you security from unauthorized access.
  • Scheduler to automatically backup Outlook files as per the scheduled time. To enhance your knowledge about Outlook back, visit here
  • Restore feature to take back up od Outlook files to previous healthy states whenever there is any corruption to Outlook files. You can also backup settings and rules of your Outlook profile using this tool. To know more, visit: www.freeoutlookbackup.com/settings-and-rules.html.
  • You can create four restore points to take back Outlook to previous healthy states in case any problem comes.
  • Free Outlook backup app can be also used to backup Microsoft Outlook 2007 contacts in an effecient way.
  •  Compatible to run and work on Windows XP, Vistas, 7 & 8. Boost your information about how to backup Outlook 2010 files in Windows 7 by visiting http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2010-files-in-windows-7.html

Follow these precautionary measures:

  • Always keep updated multiple backup copies for your Outlook 2007
  • Functionalities of Outlook 2007 can be more increased using add-in. However if you are using the add-in, make sure the add-in you are adding shouldn’t bring attached infections with them.
  • Keep your antivirus updated to immune your system from virus attacks. 

Take the following steps to take .pst backup of Office 2007:

Step-1:  To start the backup process for .pst of Outlook 2007. Run the tool on your computer and from main screen select "Backup" option.

How to Take PST Backup of Outlook 2007 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: Select "Create new backup profile" option from the next window that appears. Now a new window displaying the Outlook 2007 .pst files pops up. Select the files from PST folder and hit "Next" button to carry forward the process.

How to Take PST Backup of Outlook 2007 - Select Profile

Figure 2: Select Profile

Step-3: Select the desired drive where you want to store your .pst files backup. Click "Next" button to start the backup process.
Step-4: You will be intimated by a confirmation message once the backup is completed. Click "Next" button to generate the summary.

How to Take PST Backup of Outlook 2007 - Summary

Figure 3: Summary

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