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Backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 before Formatting

Outlook is an email client app introduced by Microsoft Corporation. It’s an application used for sending and receiving email messages. Apart from communicating with mails, the software serves in many like its stores contacts, maintain appointments, calendar events, etc. Microsoft has released several versions of this app. Among them, Outlook 2010 is one. MS Outlook 2010 is a latest email client tool which has many benefitting capabilities. Outlook 2010 stores all its data into a file called as PST file.

Have you planned to format the hard drive of your computer? Do you want to backup Outlook 2010 before format? If so, then don’t panic. Make use of Free Outlook Backup utility. It’s an effective computer application which has the ability to backup 2010 Outlook before format. The software has been designed by highly dedicated software developer team and proves to be the best application, if your query is how to backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 before formatting.

Why to use Free Outlook Backup Application?

Free Backup Outlook is a very efficient utility. It is regarded as one of the best tool among all others. There are large numbers of Backup tools available in market, you can easily obtain and use them. But majority of apps have been founded as useless. Moreover, they can damage your PC when they are installed, so you have to be very careful while using these crap applications on your system. However Free Outlook Backup utility is from trusted supplier and does not include any harmful elements like virus or spiteful programs. Hence if you want to backup Outlook 2010 before format, then Free Backup Outlook application is a very supportive one. Since the application has been developed by industry experts, so at any point of time if you feel any assistance is required to backup 2010 Outlook before format then you can avail the support very easily from the professionals.  

How does Free Backup Outlook application works?

This Free Backup Outlook utility does everything in an automatic way. You have to just follow the screen steps and the directions given by the app. The software will successfully backup 2010 Outlook before format. Therefore even a novice person who does not have deep computer knowledge and doesn’t know how to backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 before formatting can use this remarkable tool.

Highlighting features of Free Backup Outlook Tool:

Free Backup Outlook is a most trusted and widely preferred software to backup Outlook 2010 before format. This powerful utility will not only backup MS Outlook 2010 before format, but also allows the user to back up the data of various Outlook versions including MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2013, etc. This application supports all latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. It can backup entire data of Outlook including emails, appointments, calendar events, RSS feeds, etc. Free Backup Outlook application will not only backup data, but also it will back up the settings of your Outlook profile which cannot be done manually. To know how to backup settings and rules on Outlook log on to: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/settings-and-rules.html.

Apart from Outlook 2010 settings and rules, it can be also used to backup Outlook 2007 contact list within couple of minutes. So, that you can save all your vital information of Outlook before formatting. It’s has received several compliments by its users and has remained an award winning utility to backup Outlook 2010 before format. 

Learn How to Backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 before Formatting:

Step-1: In order to backup Outlook 2010 before format, download free Outlook backup tool and launch it. As soon as you launch the application main screen appears. It shows 3 options: "Backup", "Restore" and "Migrate" option. Select "Backup" option to create backup of your Outlook 2010 data.

Backup Outlook 2010 before Format - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: In the next window you will have two options i.e. "Create new backup profile" or "Use an existing backup profile". Select "Create new backup profile" option to perform Outlook 2010 backup before formatting. Now select the attributes you want to make makeup of. Select the drive on which you want to store your backup data

Backup Outlook 2010 before Format - Select Items

Figure 2: Select Items

Step-3: It will be notified with a confirmation message when the process completes.

Backup Outlook 2010 before Format - Summary

Figure 3: Summary

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