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How Do I Backup Outlook 2010 Files in Windows 7?

With the change in era of vastness, user wants an application should provide him everything. If we talk about e-mail client, a user wants it to manage not only e-mails, tasks, calendar but also he wants to get conversations seen, automated saving, etc. He gets all these features in Outlook 2010. Outlook saves its files in Personal Storage folder (.pst files). But what if you lose out these .pst files?

The best remedy is to have a backup of it before hand. Outlook 2010 saves these all files in different folders, creating backup of these files manually is not an optimist approach. However the relevant approach is to use a program to make backup for your Outlook 2010 files in Windows 7. Most recommended tool to backup Outlook 2010 files in Windows 7 is free outlook backup. This tool provides you to create backup of Outlook 2010 files in minute steps. You can even use this utility to take Outlook 2010 address book backup. It supports all version of MS Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Note: If you are in search of better software to backup your important Outlook 2010 notes, this free backup tool is the best as it has special built in algorithms that helps you to backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 notes quite easily within few clicks. To know more, visit: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/microsoft-2010-notes.html

Why should one create backup for Outlook 2010 files?

Outlook 2010 files contain e-mails, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc.; losing these files is never a good option as these are the pillars for your office work documentation. So to make a backup of these files is always a better option. These are some loss scenarios which one may encounter to make the need of backup:

  • Human Mistakes: Outlook 2010 files may be lost by human mistakes like unintentionally emptying the deleted items folder.
  • CRC Error: CRC is cyclic redundancy check, i.e. it is an error checking code used by Microsoft Outlook. In some cases, when you access the .pst file, you may come across CRC error. These errors show that your PST files are corrupted.

Advantages of using this backup tool

  • You can backup not only e-mails but also backup other attributes of Outlook like contacts, notes, calendar items, RSS feeds, junk e-mail lists journal entries, tasks, etc.
  • One can create number of backup profiles with no limit.
  • This powerful utility can be used to backup Outlook 2010 before format.
  • Compression of backup files is available to save the disk space.
  • Can also make backup for e-mail headers. To get information about Oulook e-mail backup software, go to http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/email-software.html
  • Use split feature to split the backup files in smaller pieces so that they can be saved at different location as per available disk space.
  • Migration of outlook files and settings from lower Outlook version to upper Outlook version is permitted.

Take the following steps to create backup for Outlook 2010 files in Windows 7:

Step-1: Launch the software and select "Backup" option to start the backup process for Outlook 2010 files.
Step-2: From the second screen select "Create New Backup Profile" option and click "Next" button. Select the backup items from the list of items that appear and click on "Next" button to continue.

How Do I Backup Outlook 2010 Files in Windows 7 - Select Profile

Figure 1: Select Profile

Step-3: Select the destination point where you want to save your backup file. Click "Next" to start the backup process.

How Do I Backup Outlook 2010 Files in Windows 7 - Progress

Figure 2: Progress

Step-4: A confirmation message will be displayed when the process completes.

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