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How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S3 Contacts ?

Are you worried more about losing contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3? Your concern is legitimate and there is solution for the same i.e. taking backup of contacts, but how? Very simple, you can backup entire contacts of Galaxy S3 phone with the help of a tool called Remo MORE. In case of emergency you can make use of this backup to restore contacts. Sometime, due to corruption of phone memory card, your whole contacts, which you have stored over a long period of time may get lost. This event gives immense pain because the contacts which you have lost include the name, email address, phone numbers and other information.  Thus to avoid yourself to get into such type of problem, you should always take a legitimate backup of your phone contacts on a separate storage device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular Smartphone launched by Samsung in Galaxy series and has received a positive feedback from mobile users across the globe. It comes with enhanced feature and you can store a lot of contacts on it.  Whether you are a common user or you use Galaxy S3 to store business contacts, your contacts are damn important for you. And you will never wish to let your contacts get lost at any circumstances. The only right solution to secure these contacts is to backup it on a separate location other than your memory card of phone.  In case you want to back your contacts on a separate storage then you have to draw support of specialized software to accomplish this task very safely.

There are many occasions where your contacts could be lost from your Samsung Galaxy S3. Mostly users end up deletion their valuable contact accidentally while they wanted to delete a useless contact. Chances are also that in hurriedness, you press delete all button while wanted to delete a single contact.  Thus, if your contacts are deleted in such tragedy full manner then backup copy of contacts can play an extremely important role to get out of this tragedy with ease.  After going through a long brainstorming session software experts have come up with a utility, known as Remo MORE, to backup Samsung Galaxy S3 contacts with ease. You can export all your contacts from Galaxy S3 to a safe storage device in couple of seconds with MORE.

This tool not only works for Samsung Galaxy S3, but you can also use it for all Android based Smartphones contacts back up. This has earned the trust of users with its reliable and accurate performance. This is why many Software veterans have labeled MORE as the best tool.  Its highly attractive suite gives it a special dimension of identity among the users. If you are looking to export all your Samsung Galaxy S3 contacts then you should try out MORE without any hesitation it is completely free and available on internet.

Steps to backup contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on your Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone. After installation run the tool and select "Manage" option from the main screen. Now, click on "Backup & Restore" option to backup contacts from Galaxy S3 as shown in Figure 1.

How to Backup Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Select Backup & Restores

Figure 1: Select Backup & Restore

Step 2: Now,select Contacts option from this screen as shown in Figure 2.

How to Backup Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Choose Contacts Option

Figure 2: Choose Contacts Option

Step 3: As soon as you will click on cantact a new screen will appear, select Backup Contacts from this screen of as shown in Figure 3.

How to Backup Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Select Backup Contacts

Figure 3: Select Backup Contacts

Step 4: Here on this screen you have to give the name of your backup folder as shown in Figure 4.

How to Backup Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Provide Backup Folder Name

Figure 4: Provide Backup Folder Name

Step 5: After this, software starts exporting of your contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3 as shown in Figure 5.

How to Backup Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Exporting Your Contactsss

Figure 5: Exporting Your Contacts

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