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Get Rid of Outlook Temp Files

Temporary files that get saved on the Outlook's temporary folder are not safe at all. They can be misused by anyone who knows your PC password. That is why it becomes very important to protect the information present in these files. Before we get to know how these files can be erased completely from Outlook let us get to know how these files get stored on the Outlooks temp folder. It is a well known fact that temp folder on Outlook consists only the files which were meant to be mailed as attachments to some or the others. What happens when one fails in sending these files is these files automatically get stored on the temporary folder and in this way the folder gets filled with lots and lots of temp files.

Now you may ask how one fails in sending these files as attachments. The answer to your question is here. The fact is while sending these temp files some unexpected problems may come up such as power failure or insufficient power supply to the system which results in the improper termination of Outlook. In this condition what happens is, the files that were attached in the mail won’t be erased and instead they get saved in Outlooks temp folder as temporary files. These files may contain some or the other vital information which requires to be kept private. But if the system where these files are stored is shared by many people then obviously the privacy of the data cannot be maintained which arises the need to make use of effective tool that can erase these temp files completely from Outlook without taking much time. Such a tool which has the capability to clear Outlook temp files within a very short span of time is Remo MORE.

By making use of this application you can delete temp Outlook files within just few minutes. You may be thinking at this moment that what if the system itself is formatted to get rid of these temp files. But it is not a good idea to format the system and also it is of no use because the other users of your computer may make use of some kind of recovery tool to recover back the lost temp files. Formatting the system will not completely erase the temp files and that is why it is possible for anybody to get back the temp files easily. Therefore one must make use of trustworthy software such as Remo MORE to wipe off the temp files from Outlook completely with high security. If you want to get rid of temp files on your Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 or 2010 then you must try this tool. It can be run on almost all the Windows computers such as Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008 and Win 8.

Steps to clear Outlook temp files:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE software on your computer. Launch the tool and then select the "Optimize" option from home screen and later choose "Privacy Cleaner" from next screen as shown in figure 1.

    How to Clear Outlook Temp Files - Choose Privacy Cleaner

    Fig 1:Choose Privacy Cleaner

  2. After this select "Clean PC Junk" option from the next screen. Then a window will pop up on which you need to check the box before "Windows Temp Files" to clear Outlook temp files. Then just hit the Scan option to begin the scanning process.
  3. How to Clear Outlook Temp Files - Select Scan Option

    Fig 2:Select Scan Option

  4. After these as soon as the scanning process gets completed the tool will begin to clear the temporary files. When the process gets completed you will get a confirmation message.
  5. How to Clear Outlook Temp Files - Completion of Temporary Files Cleaning Process

    Fig 3:Completion of Temporary Files Cleaning Process

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