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Backing Up Outlook Contacts

Outlook is used not only as a messenger tool to manage e-mails but also provides several features like contacts, calendar, journal, tasks, notes, RSS Feeds, etc. Using Outlook one can save his contacts not only briefing record of names and e-mail addresses but it provides to create business cards, address cards, detailed address card and phone list. Outlook contacts provide the feature to list the contacts by category, by company, by location and also by other customized groups. Looking at the easiness to manage contacts on Outlook, you may rely on it to save your contacts, but what if these contacts are lost?

Outlook saves these contacts in Personal storage folder as .pst. If it becomes corrupted, you will lose all your contacts. The best remedy for this is to create backup for your contacts. How to backup outlook contacts? Since, making backup manually is not a matter of child’s play. But by using Microsoft Outlook Backup tool one will be able to backing up outlook contacts and manage backup for his Outlook contacts in few clicks.

How contacts are lost?

Outlook PST folder contains the contacts. These contacts are lost if the PST folder gets infected. Following are the few scenarios that one may encounter resulting in losing of contacts:

  • Upgrading the Outlook version: PST files get lost when error comes while upgrading the Outlook version.
  • Improper synchronizing: Improper synchronizing between Outlook and your outlook.com profile, sometimes leads to losing some of contacts.
  • Formatting the hard drive: When you format your hard drive or re-install windows, you lose all your Outlook files including contacts. If you want to backup Outlook 2010 before format, then just click here: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2010-before-format.html

Advantages of Outlook Contacts Backup tool to create backup:

How to backup Outlook contacts? To avoid permanent losing of contacts because of any of above mentioned scenarios, one can use this free available tool you will be backing up Outlook contacts,e-mails, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. Outlook Contacts Backup tool has the following advantages:

  • Interactive GUI to provide you the fast and easy approach for backing up Outlook contacts. Browse through the given link to know more about Outlook backup tool http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/
  • Provides the option reliably migrate your contacts from one system to another or from one version of Outlook to another.
  • Supports to backup outlook 2003 calendar in very few simple steps.
  • Provides creating of 4 restore points. If the user wants to get back to some previous state of Outlook, he can easily switch to that.
  • It is capable enough to backup Outlook emails on Vista and all other version of Windows Operating system with an ease.
  • Creating backup using this software is independent of size. One can create backup for several gigabytes of files and store them as per the size available on Hard Disk.
  • Supports taking backup of Outlook contacts/emails from Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Refer this page: www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2010-emails.html in case you want to backup Outlook 2010 emails.

Few tips to avoid losing contacts:

  • Keep multiple backups of Outlook contacts to avoid losing them.
  • Do not abrupt Outlook by shutting down your system suddenly; try using a UPS to provide power in case of a power surge.
  • Use efficient antivirus to avoid virus infections to PST files

Use the following steps to know how to backup outlook contacts:

Steps-1: Start the utility tool to backup outlook contacts. Select "Backup" option from the displayed main screen to start backup process.

Backing Up Outlook Contacts - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Steps-2: The second screen will display you the two options i.e."Create new backup profile" option or "Use an existing backup profile" option. Now select "Create new backup profile" option for creating new backup profile and click on the "Next" button.
Step-3: From the next window that appears, select the Outlook items for which the backup is to be made. Click on "Next" button to proceed further.

Backing Up Outlook Contacts - Select Items

Figure 2: Select Items

Steps-4: After completion of backup process you will get a confirmation message along with a backup summary.

Backing Up Outlook Contacts - Summary

Figure 3: Summary

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