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How to Backup Outlook 2000 Emails?

When you want to change your PC at home or office in which Outlook is configured then it is advisable to backup and migrate. If you have any important emails and want to use them on new computer of yours then you need to copy them on new computer. If you copy the Outlook 2000 PST file from your old computer and paste it on new PC then there are chances of Microsoft Outlook 2000 PST file getting corrupt. As a result, you may lose some of your very important mails and other attributes on Outlook 2000 profile. So, in that situation you may need to find a secure way to move your Outlook 2000 emails to new system. Yes, there is a way for doing so. You can backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails using Free Outlook Backup software. It is really very risky to back up your Outlook files manually. Some of the consequences which you may face are as given ahead.

Why to backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails?

If you want to migrate Outlook 2000 emails to any other computer or when you want to restore Outlook 2000 emails in case of loss or corruption then you may want to backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails on your computer. Now the question is how to backup Outlook 2000 emails on your computer. You can do it manually or by using software. When we perform Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails backup manually, then there are chances of the emails getting lost. The Outlook PST file may get corrupt. You need to be a pro in handling software if you are migrating Outlook 2000 emails yourself. Suppose you have migrated Outlook 2000 emails successfully then there may arise a problem of compatibility if you are using newer versions of Outlook 2000 on your computer. The PST file may get corrupt when you try importing and using on new Microsoft Outlook versions. In addition, Outlook 2000 PST file may get corrupt and you lose your emails on it, for several reasons as given below:

  • Virus infection to Outlook 2000 file
  • Outlook 2000 PST file growing beyond 2GB
  • Using Outlook PST file in shared network
  • Improper closure of Outlook 2000 PST file
  • Sudden system shut down when Outlook 2000 file is still in use

Therefore, it is better to backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails using Free Outlook Backup software on your computer. Use them on your system whenever you want to restore backed up Outlook files. Free Outlook Backup is the answer for you if you want to know how to backup Outlook 2000 emails on your computer.

Free Outlook Backup software for Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails backup:

Free Outlook Backup software helps you the best to take Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails backup. Using this software, you can backup MS Outlook 2000 emails easily on Windows Operating Systems. You not only can backup Outlook 2000 emails but also can backup Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, account etc. on Microsoft Outlook 2000. This utility helps you back up your entire Outlook profile on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2003 and Server 2008 Operating Systems on your computer. This program has one click simple backup that anybody does it easily. It provides different compression levels to save disk space while backing up Outlook profile. This application is compatible to take backup of Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2002 and 2003 versions on your PC. Visit this page for details on Outlook 2007 backup, www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2007-pst.html.

This software also helps to take backup of account settings of Microsoft Outlook 2007 within few mouse clicks. To know more information visit this link: http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/microsoft-2007-account-settings.html

Procedural steps to Backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails:

Step 1: Download Free Outlook Backup software on your computer and install it. Run the software and install it on your computer for Microsoft Outlook 2000 emails backup. From main screen, select "Backup", from the three options, "Backup", "Restore" and "Migrate" as shown in Figure 1. Then select "Create new backup profile" from next screen.

Backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 Emails - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: From next screen, select the Outlook emails from the list of Outlook attributes and click on Next, as shown in Figure 2. Then select a destination where you want to save backed up Microsoft 2000 Emails.

Backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 Emails - Select Emails

Figure 2: Select Emails

Step 3: After that, it copies all the contacts from your Outlook 2000 PST file and generates a message that the backup process is completed. Click on "Ok" to save and get summary of Outlook 2000 emails backup on your computer.

Backup Microsoft Outlook 2000 Emails - Summary

Figure 3: Summary

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