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Free Backup Software for Microsoft Outlook

Are you afraid that at certain point of time your Outlook app will get crashed and because of this you will miss your entire essential Outlook attributes? If this is the situation then just relax and try this Microsoft Outlook backup software well known as free Outlook backup. We all know it very well that Outlook attributes such as emails, notes, tasks, journals, contacts and calendar items are all stored in a single data file. This data file which stores all the Outlook items is the PST file. PST or Personal Storage Table file is not immune to virus attacks and other external threats and this is the reason why it gets corrupted easily. When it gets corrupted you will not be able to access any of the Outlook attributes which are mentioned above. This is the main problem that an Outlook user will be facing after PST corruption. This proves that PST file is not a reliable data file. Therefore there is a necessity to backup all the Outlook data before PST file gets corrupted. The necessity also arises due to Outlook malfunctioning. In order to fulfill this requirement of various Outlook app users this tool is designed. It is the best tool to backup Outlook 2010 mails in less span of time.

At any point of time you may lose your Outlook data. Need not be due to PST file corruption or Outlook crash but you may lose important contacts and other Outlook attributes due to accidental deletion. If important contacts and emails are not backed up and unfortunately if you end up deleting these contacts and emails then you will be under a big trouble. So it is extremely essential to backup these data before you face certain undesired situations. If you are Outlook 2007 user and want to backup your PST file itself then visit http://www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2007-pst.html to learn how you can do so.

If you are among those who want to backup only emails on Outlook PST file then this tool is the best suited for you. You can easily do so by using this free Outlook emails backup tool. This app is very good in backing up data on Windows computers with different Outlook versions in them such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. The various Windows computers on which this software works well are Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, Win 8 and Win 7.

You must take a chance to try this Microsoft Outlook backup software in order to backup Outlook 2010 files in Windows 7 PC. If you are interested to know how this app works on a Windows 7 computer to backup Outlook 2010 files then just click on www.freeoutlookbackup.com/2010-files-in-windows-7.html. This software is also popularly known as free Outlook contacts backup software.

Steps for using Microsoft Outlook Backup Software:

Step-1: From the main screen choose "Backup" option.

Microsoft Outlook Backup Software - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step-2: Select "Create new backup profile" option from this screen.
Step-3: Now select the Outlook attributes you want to backup. Also choose the drive on which you want to store your backup data

Microsoft Outlook Backup Software - Select Items

Figure 2: Select Items

Step-4: Once the backup process gets completed you will get the summary of the backed up data.

Microsoft Outlook Backup Software - Summary

Figure 3: Summary

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