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Backup Microsoft Outlook Registry Settings

Outlook is considered to be the most popular personal information manager which comes standard with Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Outlook application is mainly employed by the people to keep in touch with other people via sending or receiving emails and it also lets you to manage your other personal information like calendar entries, notes, tasks, events, contacts, RSS feeds, and more. Now, if you are an Outlook user and want to make some changes in Outlook registry settings, then before you apply changes in the registry key, first it is highly recommended for you to export or create a backup copy of your Outlook registry settings. One can save the backup copy to any desired location of your choice, like your computer’s hard disk or some external storage drive. This is important because, at any point of time you feel to undo the changes made in the registry settings, then you can easily import the backup copy to apply old registry settings.

Now, the question comes how to backup Outlook registry settings. Well, you can follow certain steps for backing up Outlook registry settings, but to backup registry settings in Outlook following steps will be quite lengthy process and many people don’t like to spend much time on doing all these activities. They always prefer using some automated software to backup Outlook registry settings, for accomplishing the task, they start to Google and do post their issues on several forums and blogs. Now, need not search anywhere, here we introduce you Remo MORE that is the simple yet effective toolkit which can backup not only Outlook registry settings, but also the entire Windows registry file.

Remo MORE comes absolutely free, which means that being an automotive tool to backup Microsoft Outlook registry settings, it does not charge you a single rupee. Isn’t it really awesome that getting a best and reliable third party software that too for all free. Yes, don’t be astonished!!! This application provides you a free service that means for backing up Outlook registry settings you need not pay anything. Remo MORE tool comes up with “Optimize” option that provides you an option “Backup Registry” to backing MS Outlook registry settings.

MORE utility is expert recommended and is capable enough to backup registry settings in Outlook with different versions starting from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010. One can make use of this application to backup Outlook registry settings on various Windows OS versions like Windows 8, Win 7, XP and Windows Vista. It is designed with simple and user friendly graphical user interface, which means a user without having any technical knowledge, can use this software with great ease without taking any professional help.

Procedure on how to backup Outlook registry settings:

Step A: Download Remo MORE suit on hard disk of your Windows computer and do the installation. Run the utility by double clicking on the desktop icon and from the home window select “Optimize” option. Then, choose “Registry Cleaner” option as shown in Figure I.

How to Backup Outlook Registry Settings  - Choose Registry Cleaner

Figure I: Choose Registry Cleaner

Step B: Now, from the main screen of registry cleaner, choose “Backup Registry” option to backup Microsoft Outlook Registry settings as shown in Figure II.

How to Backup Outlook Registry Settings - Select Backup Registry

Figure II: Select Backup Registry

Step C: After that, select “Create Backup” option for backing up Outlook registry settings as shown in Figure III.

How to Backup Outlook Registry Settings - Choose Create Backup Option

Figure III : Choose Create Backup Option

Step D: The software starts creating backup of the registry file as shown in Figure IV.

How to Backup Outlook Registry Settings - Software Creating Backup

Figure IV : Software Creating Backup

Step5: On completion of this process, you will get the backed up copy of Registry file as shown in Figure V.

How to Backup Outlook Registry Settings - Backup Created

Figure V : Backup Created

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